Nyob Zoo! Zoo siab txais tos!

Thank you so much for visiting HAP’s website. I am proud to be leading HAP and to share with you our important work.

HAP was immigrant and refugee founded and led to meet the needs of the newly arriving Hmong population. We are focused on empowering low-income communities to overcome racial inequities and generational poverty. Initially established to support Hmong refugees to Minnesota, we have grown into a nationally recognized expert in culturally affirming engagement with underserved populations, as well as the largest Hmong-founded nonprofit in the United States.

Since 1990, we continue to empower the immigrant and refugee community, while building on their strengths to help them flourish in their new home. HAP supports more than 30 programs in four impact areas: Workforce Development, Health and Wellness, Economic and Community Development, and Children and Family Services. We are proud the broader immigrant and refugee community has sought our services, and we now serve over 25,000 clients annually and have the staff expertise to serve people from 18 nationalities. Our newest residents arrive from countries from around the world and many have overcome incredible obstacles to travel to safety and start a new life for their families.

I appreciate your interest in our work and invite you to join us in building a strong community that celebrates our diversity and the unique talents and contributions that everyone, regardless of nationality, bring to the Twin Cities.

In humble service,
Bao Vang
President and CEO