What exactly is a “crisis” situation?

Not all crises are immediate or life-threatening situations. HAP considers homelessness, sudden job loss, and being involved in with the courts a crisis. While some crises such as sexual exploitation and domestic abuse are potentially life-threatening, we believe that all crises require a rapid response and support from experienced and culturally sensitive staff.

I’m ashamed about my situation and don’t want my family, friends, or neighbors to know. Why should I trust HAP to help me?

First of all, you should never feel ashamed for being a victim. Secondly, HAP understands the delicate cultural implications of turning outside for help. Our staff are specially trained to offer judgement free, confidential aid. We honor and respect the faith you place in us and will work to resolve your crisis while respecting your privacy.

I, or my family is in trouble with the law. How can HAP help?

HAP has a long, trusted history of working with law enforcement, legal advocacy groups, and the court systems as a point-of-contact on culturally-specific cases. We help educate them on cultural issues form our clients’ community, and work to help them resolve cases.

I am not safe in my current situation and need to get away, but I don’t know where to go or what to do. How can HAP help?

HAP works in partnership and coordinates with several emergency shelters and will work with you to find a safe space for you and/or your family. We provide rapid-response assistance, and our experienced, culturally specific staff will work to assess your needs. Everyone deserves the right to be safe and free of violence and abuse.

How much does this program cost?

Our programs are free. We’re not here to make money, HAP is here to help you and your family!

Do you have a question that is not answered in the FAQs? Contact us at: 651-495-9160 | family@hmong.org