Two asian women consoling each other with sad expressions.

The trauma many refugees endured before beginning their new lives in America can leave deep scars. These scars can lead many down dangerous paths without intervention and assistance. HAP’s trained clinicians and staff provides culturally based prevention and intervention support, and recovery services for chemical dependency issues.

HAP Recovery Support: HAP Provides early intervention and prevention through individual counseling and support groups for adults who have completed treatment for drugs and alcohol abuse. We work with individuals, families, and local community members to help heal these wounds and move forward.

Are you or a loved one in need of substance abuse recovery support? Please reach out to our Recovery Support team.

Tou M Yang, Hmong Men’s Recovery Support
Cell: (651) 983-3431 |

Wanda Vue, Hmong Women’s Recovery Support
Cell: (651) 495-1630 |