Since many of HAP’s clients hail from farming cultures and communities, we honor that heritage by tapping into native skills, and adapting it towards a productive career in the United States. Our agriculture program works directly with beginning farmers and builds relations between them and local and regional markets. Through culturally specific professional development training, HAP helps beginning farmers unlock their potential and move them from “income-generating” to “wealth generating” businesses.

Connecting Farmers to Business

As part of our commitment to helping farmers tap into new markets, HAP offers two business development training tracks. The first is Sustainable Farms for Urban Markets (SFUM), which builds a community of farm entrepreneurs as leaders in sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems. Through an 8-9 month training program, we educate farmers in:

  • Small business regulations (licensing and compliance)
  • Legal resources
  • Access to capital
  • Market opportunities
  • Budgeting strategies
  • Obtaining business loans
  • Farming strategies
  • Land accessibility

HAP also helps beginning farmers grow their business skills by hosting farmers markets. These markets are chosen to bring healthy food to communities in “food desert” areas.

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