What does SPPN do?

SPPN offers academic support to Southeast Asian students in a culturally relevant and positive manner.

What will my child get out of SPPN?

One-on-one or small group assistance with reading and literacy skills, delivered by culturally appropriate tutors.

How many times a week, and when is SPPN held?

It varies by school locations. Some schools have SPPN tutors who do pull-out tutoring with students during the day, other schools host SPPN as part of a before or after-school program.

How much does SPPN cost?

SPPN is free to families.

Is SPPN available at my child’s school?

Please email hkyp@hmong.org to inquire.

How do I enroll my child in SPPN?

If SPPN is currently offered at your child’s school, please contact HAP at 651-495-9160.

Do you have additional questions not included in the FAQs?

Contact Us | 651-495-9160 | hkyp@hmong.org