September 2020 New Staff Updates

Welcoming Paul Xiong, See Xiong, Veronica Valdes-Perez, and Bai Vang.

New Staff

Paul Xiong

Welcome, Paul! We have a new part-time janitor, Paul Xiong, who started on August 8th. Paul comes to us from HAP Transportation and brings many years of janitorial experience. We are pleased to have him join our Operations Team to help with providing a safe office environment as we move to gradual return to work.

Welcome, See! See Xiong joined HAP as a full-time janitor on August 19th and is excited to be a part of an organization that helps minorities/refugees and the community. She relates to our mission as she’s only been in the U.S. for four years!

Welcome, Veronica! We have a new Digital and Social Media Intern, Veronica Valdes-Perez. Veronica studied communications at the University of Minnesota and brings digital marketing, event planning and social media management experience from her work at Saint Paul City Council and Arc Minnesota. Her experience in life as a trans woman of color has inspired her to pursue social justice and inclusivity in her career which has been realized by working as a public servant and in a non-profit organization.

Welcome, Bai! Bai Vang has been with the HAP Montessori program for three years and has a degree in Family Consumer Science. She has accepted a reassignment to the Operations Team at our Arcade Front Desk on September 8th and will supporting with administrative responsibilities for remote staff and other projects.

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