SNAP/MFIP Benefits Update

SNAP/MFIP Benefits During the Government Shutdown

Due to the federal government shutdown, SNAP and MFIP food benefits for February will be issued early, by January 20, for all applications that were processed and approved by January 15. These benefits are for the entire month of February. Additional benefits will not be issued in February, so participants should plan their food budget to last throughout the month.

Participants will soon receive a letter notifying them of these changes from the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Issuance Operations Center.  

DHS has been instructed by the USDA to continue processing new applications in accordance with current policies and procedures. HAP can still assist with applications at this time. Please contact our SNAP Outreach Coordinator, Yer Yang, at 651-495-1547 or, if you need more information or you would like to apply.

For additional updates on SNAP benefits, please refer to the DHS website:

Please note: Participants will be able to use their prior EBT benefits in February; however, some EBT vendors were unable to be reauthorized as a result of the shutdown and cannot accept EBT cards at this time. If you have a card with benefits and it is declined, please try the card at a different store. The following retail locator will help you locate stores that accept SNAP:


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