HAP Announces Major Rebranding

The Hmong American Partnership would like to announce that as of March 2016, we will be rebranding our image, and changing our name to HAP. This transformation was made to embrace the wider, more diverse community that HAP serves, while at the same time honoring and maintaining our founding mission to uplift and empower the Hmong community.

The accomplishments and lessons we have learned in our 25 year history of representing and serving the Hmong community has uniquely positioned us to be a leader for the next generation of refugees and immigrants here in Minnesota. Our commitment to the Hmong community remains true and unshakable, which is reflected in our decision to maintain iconic and recognizable colors and design choices in our new branding. But to be more inclusive and inviting to our newer clients, we are simplifying our name to our established acronym, HAP.

When launching the rebranding process, we began by asking ourselves, “who are we at our core, and what do we stand for?” We are first and foremost a dynamic Hmong organization. We continue to serve the Hmong’s evolving needs, but also extend our established and rapid-response services to all refugee and immigrant communities in Minnesota. We are also a transformational organization. In order to achieve our mission of leading our clients out of poverty and onwards to prosperity, we offer an array of strategic programs in multiple sectors: education, employment, health, as well as economic development. We are also an entrepreneurial organization. Our clients risked everything to come to America to rebuild their lives. We honor that sacrifice by investing in their economic potential. Finally, we are community-focused, and believe that success is only achieved when the community prospers as a whole.

Over the next few weeks and months, we look forward to revealing our new brand to you. 2016 will be a year of great growth and progress for us at HAP and for the communities we serve.

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