Meet Choua: HAP’s Housing Counselor

Meet Choua: HAP’s Housing Counselor

We would like to introduce you to Choua Lee, HAP’s Housing Counselor from our Economic and Community Development impact area. Choua provides one-on-one sessions on housing counseling services to prospective first-time homebuyers and post-purchase buyers. In addition to her services, she also teaches two Homestretch workshops every month.

“What I enjoy most about providing housing counseling services to prospective first-time homebuyers is being a part of their journey to homeownership,” Choua shared. “From my experience as a first-time homeowner, I can relate to how stressful and intimidating the buying process can be. So it is very rewarding to be able to be a resource to other first-time homebuyers.”

The program offers one-on-one sessions for tailored client engagement. Clients learn about their credit report and how their credit score can affect the ability to purchase a house. The program also aids clients with credit repair and credit building to gain access to financial assistance to make down payments.

The one-on-one sessions include:

  • Education and counseling on homeownership.
  • Financial and housing counseling for prospective first-time buyers and post-purchase buyers.
  • Credit counseling, budget development, and debt assessment.
  • Counseling in fair housing, tenant rights, pre-homeownership, and foreclosure intervention.


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